He studied saxophone at the Conservatory of the Catholic University of Valparaiso, has been part of various musical projects, in different styles such as jazz, afrobeat, ska, rock, among others.

As a musician and composer he has traveled throughout Europe and South America with the group La Floripondio, a band he has been with since 1998, playing in innumerable festivals.

His connection and conviction that music is vital for the human being, from his birth and even before him, together with his closeness, patience and bond with the children took him on the path of pre-school education, so that in Currently, he is facilitator of Rhythmic Connection, conducting workshops on Musical Exploration.

"Knowing how to listen, wanting to learn without inhibitions, with security, respect, tolerance, and valuing creativity is what I feel I give and my little students give me a heartbeat equal to one step"