Percussion is a powerful experience that generates integration between people, connects teams and unites participants around a common goal. Leave people with a sense of belonging and high levels of motivation. It is a unique way of making small and large groups of people have a wellness experience at both group and individual level.


The effects of participating in a RITMICA CONEXIÓN orchestra are profound and generate great changes in people's ATTITUDE. It helps to release stress and leaves participants feeling stimulated, relaxed and receptive. This highly effective tool can create an ideal environment for teams that need to improve their performance and have better levels of communication and coordination.


Playing music with drums and percussion instruments, being a physical activity, can help release stress, and make people feel relaxed and toned. It can be equated in many ways with meditation, by the effects it generates of peace and calm. It is a rejuvenating and highly stimulating experience, capable of generating feelings of well-being and joy.


Percussion is simply a very entertaining way of doing something together. Everyone will be smiling and in a good mood. This form of corporate entertainment lowers participants' defenses like no other, helping them connect with positive emotions. It is a true celebration. People lose inhibitions and allow themselves to "live in the moment"


Using music for a corporate retreat, team building or other events becomes a memorable experience of camaraderie and shared success, as it is an unusual activity and requires the creative input of each of the participants. Most people will never have played music before, and certainly have not seen or participated in a large group forming an orchestra of this nature. So it generates surprise and great levels of motivation.


Percussion is an excellent way to develop skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork. Not only do people learn to listen to each other, but they work cooperatively instead of competitively. It is very gratifying to feel how a team is transforming during an experience of RHYTHMIC CONNECTION, and the strong sense of belonging that it generates. It is also a simple way to teach coordination, essential for effective and efficient work. Understanding the importance of rhythm in all areas of life is of great value. The left and right brain are synchronized in a unique way, stimulating creativity and increasing concentration.


Percussion is an excellent way to open people to the beauty of diverse cultures. It is a universal language and, therefore, shows the power and wealth of being unique and different and reinforces the value of each participant. A complete event can be performed without saying a single word ... using only the language of the body and the universal language of music.


Our work is successful with very diverse groups of participants. Adults, youth, men or women, any religion and in any language; EVERYONE can do it together. It is a universal activity. In any company, it is extremely healthy to participate in something along with all the departments, and where the areas and ranges are leveled. This activity can make a difference. Our RITMICA CONEXION team can provide your company or organization with the stimulating experience you need. The results of this program lead to a better way of thinking, attitude, group productivity, stress reduction and much camaraderie, focus and renewed sense of purpose and commitment. Much more than fun, playing music with us generates synchrony ... and when that happens, creativity starts to flow. The main thing about these group events is that they are irresistible. Whether you are organizing a party, a special event, a corporate retreat, a convention or any other type of event, once your collaborators start playing together, they will not want to stop !! They are playing together, and this creates something absolutely unique in any group or team.

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